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How to start a proper bonfire

Camping is a favorite activity of many people during the weekends or on vacations. It’s fun, exciting, and you also get to connect with nature much better. Campfire is one of the key things that complete the overall camping experience, but is it really easy to start one? 

Building a campfire can be quite a task if not done properly. You need to make sure that you have all your equipment ready before you set out to ignite the fire for your camping session. To help you with this, we’ve devised a step-by-step procedure of starting a fire that incorporates all the tips and tricks you need!

  1. Finding your fire bed

The first thing that you need to do to start the fire is finding the right fire bed. Now, be aware of your surrounding and make sure that you’re not opting for a spot that is surround by grass, especially dead grass. If things don’t go your way, you might end up starting a massive fire. So, choose a location where you find bare earth to create your fire bed. Better yet, go for an already specified fire bed location if there is one on your camping site. 

  1. Gathering all the wood

Now it’s time for you to get all the necessary things (read: wood). There are two different kinds of items that you need to search for to build your fire. Get a hold of tinder, the best thing that burns easily. To aid in the fire, you need to add some kindling as well such as branches and twigs. This is mostly because the tinder burns too quickly and your fire will be out before you know it. Create a tepee with these items and you’re ready for your fire!

  1. Building the fire

Now it’s all about getting the right things to build your fire. You want to make sure that you’ve layered the wood and kindling in a way that allows air to pass through. It’s necessary to help start your campfire. Keep an opening in the tepee on the direction the wind is blowing to allow better flow. 

  1. Lighting the fire

Do you think you have the right equipment when it comes to lighting the fire? Think again. Matchsticks aren’t that efficient as they burn out within seconds. Lighting up matchsticks ten times before being able to ignite the fire is just ludicrous. Not only are you wasting the matchsticks, but you’re also wasting time! A better alternative would be to go for flint fire starters. They’re great for outdoor use and you won’t run out of them! 

Opting for a flint fire starter is the best option when you’re planning to ignite your fire. With your fuel in place over the wood, all you have to do now is strike up the fire with the flint fire starters and you’re good to go. offers a great option as you can go up to 10,000 strikes with this flint fire starter, so you’re good to go for a long while. 

There you go, you have your fire ready to enjoy and warm yourself up on a chilly night while you go camping. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and put out the fire when you’re done!

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