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About 2020tool

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If you're like us, chances are you like a nice bonfire.

We started with a small concept, which led us to solving a common problem every camper has faced: Starting a fire may seem too simple while we are at home surrounded by all the modern technology, but it becomes an irritating issue when it comes to outdoor activities

During one of our camping trip, we just couldn't start a fire because all the matchboxes we carried got wet! You may have faced similar issues. It could be rain, or a leak from the water bottles or perhaps simply forgetting to bring matchboxes all together! There can be a plethora of reasons to keep you from lighting a fire. Therefore, here at 2020 Tool Box, we came up with an exclusive product for all our outdoor enthusiasts. 

Our high-quality flints give the equivalent to 10,000 matches. Plus, they are water-proof and come in a compact size and looks elegant. Our hope was to design a product that turns into a campers' favorite, and we just did! 

While going on outdoor camping, hiking, or any adventure, you can just wear our matches like a keychain or neck piece. They are remarkable enough that you can pick them as cool gifts to awe your loved ones! 

We started our company 2020 Tool Box in 2016, and we have come a long way. We hope you enjoy our awesome flints as much as us!

The 2020toolbox Team